If you are looking for hygiene supplies and cleaning equipment that offers good value but doesn’t cost as much as other brands, Tork and Diversey are the answer to your problem. Together they offer hygiene supplies and janitorial products ranging from revolution mops to dishwashing liquid, all at an affordable price.

The Tork air freshener series is designed to provide a pleasant lift to your washroom’s atmosphere making it an easy to use, flexible and cost effective solution to air freshening. One of the key features that distinguishes the Tork air freshener series is the automated system that allows for easy maintenance. The Tork towel dispenser series is also very popular and it has different versions that allow for either electronic or manual dispatch of the towel. When it comes to the cleaning of floors, mops are an essential tool. Tork offers several varieties of mops at affordable prices while guaranteeing the durability of the equipment. The electronic toilet roll dispensers offered by Tork are designed to fit into any modern bathroom environment. One of the main advantages of using an electronic toilet roll dispenser is the ability to control the flow of toilet paper dispatched thus eliminating the excessive waste of toilet paper. Designed to be easily refilled and hold more toilet paper, these dispensers are also easy to maintain and come in variety of sizes. Apart from offering this wide variety of modernized equipment at affordable price Tork also provides refills for its different products. These refills are optimized to work with Tork equipment and they are sold individually as well as in bundles. The company also offers various discounts on different products.
No washroom is really clean without hand soap and disinfectants for cleaning. Diversey, with its wide range of hand soaps and disinfectants, is a brand to strongly consider when buying items for your cleaning projects. From normal hand washing soap to dishwashing detergent to luxury body soap, all the Diversey products are capable of competing with the top brands as they offer all the things the top brands do but at an affordable price. Diversey offers the Fairy brand of dishwashing liquid in various different bottle sizes. The Anti-Static Cleaner is what you should use to clean your computers and other electronic device as its advance formula was designed for cleaning this type of equipment. If you get irritated when dust particles get inside your keyboard and you can’t get seem to get them out, the Durable Air Duster from Diversey is what you need, it’s specifically designed with an extended nozzle to remove the smallest particles of dust hiding in the most corner of the keyboard. All Tork and Diversey products are made with only the best raw materials to ensure quality and durability.