Cleaning Supplies

We advise it is vital to keep any floor looking great. Cleaning supplies is ideal when maintaining a clean floor and will reduce bacteria mounting.

Its Hygiene have given 5 useful tips for keeping your office floor clean:
1. Determine what type of floor you have that needs cleaning supplies, such as floor cleaners, or cleaning supplies such as floor polish.
2. Ensure you have an ample amount of cleaning supplies available in your office, making sure that cleaners have adequate access to these cleaning supplies.
3. There are two types of cleaning forms, when it comes to floors. These are maintenance cleaning and deep cleaning. Ensure that both are carried out with the appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment.

• Maintenance Cleaning – the cleaning supplies that can be used for this type of cleaning are all available at Its Hygiene. These cleaning supplies come in the form of; a wide range of products used for floor cleaning such as disinfectants, detergents and multi purpose cleaners. The more obvious cleaning supply is a dustpan and brush, a quick and easy way to tackle a small area. For those bigger areas other cleaning supplies can make this task easier, such as electric brooms. Also, for mopping up spillages buckets and mops are the most tried and tested cleaning supplies used for this task. Warning! Do not forget to put up warning signs, to make others aware of the hazard that is a slippery floor.
• Deep Cleaning – this type of cleaning requires a different form of cleaning supplies. Deep cleaning can be highly beneficial financially, as it prevents long-term wear and tear and can often prolong one’s assumption of how long a floor will last for. Steam cleaners and high pressure washers are great cleaning supplies that can be used to really get the best out your floor. Polisher machines can often make a floor look brand new.

4. Make a cleaning schedule for deep cleans, for example scheduling a floor polish every 2-3 months, depending on the use of the floor.
5. Ensure that maintenance cleaning is regularly completed, using the correct cleaning supplies. Numatic cleaning supplies are a great way to keep floors looking maintained.

We hope that our 5 top tips to keep your floor looking great will help you in your office. Its Hygiene are suppliers of Washroom, Hygiene, Cleaning & Janitorial products. Our aim is to provide a range of cleaning supplies and to facilitate our customers to make a significant saving, with a great service to match, so open an Account with us today. Please feel free to contact us on our range of office cleaning supplies. Visit our homepage www.Its or call us on 01753 701004