You are probably wondering what workplace productivity, sanitizers and dispensers have in common. The link is hand hygiene. Hands play an important role at work.Unfortunately, they are also responsible for carrying germs, especially from rest rooms and dining areas which are shared spaces. Even though the facility is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, the chances of infections that lead to sickness are high. Sickness naturally means time off from work and this can have a significant impact on productivity both for the employee and the business.

The solution is simple!
Personal hygiene, and hand hygiene in particular is the answer. Automatic hand sanitizers and dispensers support better hygiene leading to fewer days off due to sickness and better attendance at work.

Kimberly Clark’s automatic hands-free soap and sanitizer dispensers, along with their toilet tissue dispensers are being used in factories, business places, schools, hospitals, restaurants and other commercial as well as residential washrooms. Hands-free technology promotes health and safety. Most public restroom users prefer to use hands free dispensers as they feel more confident about their hygiene.

A majority of the washrooms and toilets across the world have the Kimberly Clark’s Aqua range of sanitizers and dispensers strategically placed wherever hand hygiene is required. They are easy to install and use, boost personal hygiene and are economical. Here are the top benefits observed:
Lower risk of cross infections
Automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers are the best way to ensure lower risk of cross infections.Manual dispensers, on the other hand, bring the user in direct contact with it, making it less hygienic. With automatic, since there is no contact with the dispenser, the chances of passing on the germs from one user to another are low. This keeps infections away while keeping the staff in the office and results in fewer instances of sick leave.
Better hygiene practice
Kimberly Clark’s dispensers encourage employees to wash their hands more often, unlike manual sanitizers that are considered cumbersome. Hands free soap dispensers are definitely more attractive to use and cultivate the habit of hand washing. The best part is, even those who tend to avoid washing their hands enjoy using a hands free dispenser as it is easy.

Cost savings
Compared to manual soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers are economical as the soap dispensed is uniformly the same each time. With the manual type, the amount of soap used by each person varies with some using far more than the other. As a result there is no fixed frequency of refilling them. With the automatic type the soap lasts much longer and this means savings for the company.
When you install automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers at your workplace, your customers and your employees are happier.Kimberly Clark offers an attractive range of options featuring hand cleanser dispensers, luxury foam hand cleaner dispensers, folded toilet tissue dispensers and toilet roll dispensers. If you prefer to air dry your hands, the Aqua Air Care Dispenser is the one to choose.

Invest in health and hygiene at your workplace today!