The Diversey range of cleaning and hygiene products from Its Hygiene includes efficient and affordable products for any cleaning task, from big-name brands:


Brillo has been a household name for over 100 years and is well-known for its products that are tough on stain and grease and suitable for a range of domestic cleaning tasks. Our product range includes:

• Scourers
• Concentrated cleaning and decreasing liquid
• Glass and stainless steel cleaner
• Oven cleaners
• Soap pads
• Sponge pads
• Washing up liquid


Best known for its lemon-scented cream cleaner, the Cif brand was founded in France, in 1969. Cif was previously branded as Jif in the UK and is currently the best selling brand of cream cleaner. Products include:

• Disinfectant cleaner
• All purpose cleaner
• Cream cleaner
• Descaler
• Oven cleaner
• Oxy-gel cleaner
• Power cleaner and degreaser
• Stainless steel and glass cleaner
• Bathroom cleaner
• Window and multi-surface cleaner
• Wood cleaner
• Wood polish


Clax is a brand produced by Chemtex, a company that specializes in commercial laundry chemicals. Products are produced to high standards and the company has achieved certification for its product quality.

Our Clax range includes a large selection of detergents, detergent boosters, fabric softeners, bleach, stain remover, starch and other laundry products for cleaning different types of fabrics and soiling in hard or soft water, on an industrial scale.


Comfort is a well-known fabric conditioner brand, produced by Unilever, first launched in the uk in 1969. The product is available in several different types and fragrances. Our Comfort range includes regular and concentrated fabric conditioners in bulk sizes and a selection of fragrances.


Domestos bleach has been an essential household cleaner and disinfectant in the UK since 1929. The range has since expanded to a large range of cleaning products, with bleach as the active ingredient. Our Domestos range includes:

• Bleach in a range of thicknesses and fragrances
• Mould remover
• Limescale remover
• Urinal blocks


The Carefree brand includes a number of floor cleaners and finishes for several different flooring types. Our stocked range includes:

• Buffable floor polish
• High gloss floor polish
• Satin floor polish
• Floor cleaner
• Floor maintainer
• Gloss restorer
• Polish stripper
• Undercoat


Horizon is a brand of laundry detergent for various different uses at home and in industry. The range includes:

• Horizon Active (alkaline non-biological detergent)
• Horizon Assist (alkaline booster for heavy soiling)
• Horizon Bio Automatic
• Horizon Boost (alkaline booster)
• Horizon Bright (low temperature stain remover that also kills C.diff and MRSA bacteria)
• Horizon DeoSoft (fabric conditioner)
• Horizon Light (enzymatic detergent, suitable for personal clothing)
• Horizon liquid starch
• Horizon Percid (destainer)
• Horizon Peroxy (peroxide bleach)
• Horizon Sanisoft (softener that also kills bacteria)
• Horizon Soft (softener)

The LifeGuard brand encompasses several different bathroom cleaning products that are designed to remove dirt and disinfect surfaces in toilets, bathrooms, showers and swimming pools. The product range includes:

• Toilet cleaner
• Disinfectant cleaner
• Limescale remover
• Toilet descaler

Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle is a brand of surface cleaners designed to tackle tough stains. The original product, developed in 1986, was an oven cleaner and the product range has since expanded to include cleaning products for several different purposes. Our range includes:

• Floor cleaner
• Drain gel
• Washroom cleaner
• Window and glass cleaner

Room Care

Room Care by Diversey includes a range of products for general cleaning around the home and office. Products include:

• Toilet cleaner
• Washroom cleaner
• Multi-surface cleaner
• Glass cleaner
• Wood cleaner
• Air freshener
• Descaler
• Polish

Soft Care

Soft Care is the Diversey brand for personal care products and the range includes a selection of soaps and lotions suitable for use in washrooms, showers and gyms. Products in this range also include sub-brands Dove and Lux:

• Alcohol based sanitizer
• Hand washing soap
• Barrier cream
• Cream hand wash
• Body wash gloves
• Hand moisturizer
• Body wash
• Shampoo
• Disinfectant skin wipes


Sprint cleaning products come in a range of varieties that are suitable for a different types of hard surfaces:

• Cream cleaner
• Glass cleaner
• Multi-purpose hard surface cleaner
• Spray cleaner and degreaser

The Suma brand includes a wide range of industrial cleaning products suitable for all cleaning tasks that may be required in a commercial kitchen. The product range includes:

• Dishwasher detergent
• Liquid detergent
• Oven cleaner
• Oven rinse
• Detergent disinfectant
• Acidic cleaner
• Vegetable sanitizer
• Cleaner and disinfectant
• Coffee machine cleaner
• Rinse aid
• Degreaser
• Destainer
• Drain cleaner
• Freezer cleaner
• Stainless steel polish
• Dishwashing detergent


The Taski brand includes parts for vacuum cleaners and floor polishers, dust bags, and a range of cleaners and polishes for different types of flooring.