Deb is one of the world’s leading brands for the best and most innovative skincare “away from home.” Deb has been established for over 65 years. Deb offers skin care regimes for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors. According to the website, Deb comprises 21 companies operating in 16 countries, with Deb products sold in over 100 countries. It is estimated that 40 million people use Deb products every day.

Deb boasts an incredible reputation for leading the global market in all “away from home” hygiene products and is committed to constant innovation in the hygiene and skincare industry. Deb uses technology to truly understand how products work on the skin in different environments and then tailors their skin care programs to each environment for every customer.

Two areas of patented Deb skin care programs are in Deb’s “foam technology” and “dispense technology.” As the world’s market leader, Deb launched the first foam soap system in 1999. The Deb foam soap system was said to save around 45% of water when companies switched from their typical lotion soap to Deb’s foam soap. Deb’s foam soap systems are also shown to lower usage costs by being more efficient with less soap. The Deb group continued to revolutionize skin care and now offers a full line of foam soap systems as well as instant hand sanitizers designed to meet every customers need. In the current times with several serious virus outbreaks such as H1N1 influenza, having effective and efficient hand sanitizing systems are crucial, especially in the workplace. Offering an easy and pleasant skin care program through Deb is essential to keeping your workforce healthy and running at fullest potential.

Deb’s “dispense technology” stems from their total commitment to the best products and skin care systems in the world. Deb states on their website at, that they are so confident Deb dispensers meet the highest standards of quality and performance that they “guarantee them for life.” You can be assured that you are set for life with the Deb dispensing system you choose. Deb enjoys several different dispensing systems to provide you with the perfect dispensing solution.

Deb works with state of the art computer technology in designing dispensing to work in the toughest or most delicate environments. Deb offers a range of dispensing systems from stout and hardy systems to touchless systems. The final touch available from the Deb group dispensing systems is the ability to brand it as your own. Deb offers the ability for customers to add customs designs to their dispensing system which includes choosing the color of your system and placing your business logo on your dispensers—your company logo imprinted on your custom dispensing system placing your brand at the forefront. In addition to customizing your dispensing systems throughout your business, Deb offers Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for every product which are easily downloaded from

Deb is dedicated to meeting each customer’s need by investing in the technology and efficiency required to make the highest quality skin care program. Deb also believes in taking a responsible path in regard to the environment and takes many active steps to ensure that their products and manufacturing is in line with caring for the environment.