Cleanline Thick Bleach 4.7% 5 Litre

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Cleanline Cleanline Thick Bleach 4.7% Cleanline Thickened Bleach has been specially formulated to give greater clinging power where it matters. Code: 038004 QUALITY ASSURANCE: Produced under ISO 9001 Quality Management System & ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. This ensures our products and services are of the highest possible standard. This product has not been tested on animals. CC000948

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A specially formulated thick bleach to give greater clinging power for total protection against germs including MRSA and E.coli. Particularly effective on hard surfaces like toilets and washrooms. DIRECTIONS: • To remove cap: Place bottle on a firm flat surface. Turn tap anti-clockwise. • Toilets: Direct around the bowl last thing at night to keep clean and germ free. • Sink and Basins: Pour directly down the waste pipe and rinse thoroughly after 2-3 minutes. • Surfaces: Dilute 100ml in 5 litres of warm water for use as a hygienic surface cleaner. • To bleach whites: Dilute 5ml in one bucket (10 litres) of cold water, (always dilute before adding clothes). Soak for a short time, then rinse thoroughly. Use half strength if soaking overnight. • To replace cap: Place bottle on a firm flat surface. Replace cap and screw on clockwise until tight.
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